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Online distributor of realtor's
sales for developers
which allows you to systematically and effectively build relationships with agents, analyze their activity, and increase sales.
Reelly opens access to Big Data and analytics of each agent
Track customer reactions
Influence the expansion of the funnel of customers
Track the dynamics of offers and sales
Identify your ambassador realtors
Make accurate sales forecasts
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Communication with all realtors in «One window»
● Sharing relevant information about apartments availability and their prices;

● Online booking of apartments and communication for clarification;

● Issuance of educational content and news updates;
Identical displaying of information for all sides of the deal
The client reads the information directly from the platform, without the possibility of distorting the information by the realtor.

All information displayed is 100% synchronized. Thus, even the price or status of the apartment from the end buyer will be displayed with current relevance.
Transparency of algorithms and objective ratings allow you to instantly detect unscrupulous agents
We provide a mechanism for accumulating real feedback and ratings of all agents working on the platform.

We are implementing an open register of realtors with their history. Realtors who violate the terms of cooperation with developers will be marked or blacklisted.

Clear client fixation algorithms minimize the possibility of corruption between the sales department and realtors.
Free chessboard with apartments availability. We will adjust everything for you.
● Open access to selected realtors or brokers;

● Control which apartments you want to open
for realtors, and which to hide from them

● Keep a convenient record of booking and reservations
Increase sales by expanding the customer funnel
Reward agents for offering your property to realtor clients
Send push notifications
Expand the customer acquisition funnel in the early stages
Increase sales of your properties through a channel of realtors
Get access to all the
features of Reelly without additional investments!
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